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Of All the Random Things to Find

I happened to be reading Sydlexia today, as it's been a while since I checked it out. There's an article about a horribly unfunny Mad Magazine that featured the Super Mario Bros. (Well, a Mario and a green-colored Mario) on the cover. After the initial warning that the magazine was anything but funny, I clicked through a couple of pages anyway, as I thought maybe the commentary on the unfunniness might be funny regardless. Well, there on the Letters to the Editor page, is a letter from a guy in Huntsville, AL. It's not anyone I know, but it captures this city so well, and this was 1990. This sounds like it could've been written yesterday.
How dare you make fun of basic training ("A MAD Look At Basic Training") in MAD #290! My dad is in the U.S. Army and I happen to know that it is nothing like your version. You imbeciles! You'll be hearing from me again! --Chad Rodrigues - Huntsville, AL
I just found that somewhat funny.


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Jun. 12th, 2007 08:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's Huntsville. What's funniest about that (it is funny) is that basic training is like being stuck in some absurdist theater. There are always guys who take it to be some sort of quasi-religious quest, you know, push yourself to make yourself a better man and all that. But for most people it's eight weeks of pure nonstop bullshit that you have to tolerate because you're out of options. At least that's how it was in 1970, when I ran out of options.
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