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A Tax on Video Games?

An idiot, who also happens to be a senator, in Wisconsin is proposing a 1% tax on video games tacked on to the 5% sales tax. Why? Because he's trying to raise the age of an adult from 17 to 18. Therefore, since there will be an increase in juvenile crime rehabilitation, there needs to be more funding to pay for it. And since only kids play video games, let's make them pay for it. But isn't that equating video games with a higher crime rate?

Erpenbach doesn't necessarily disagree, saying that he did not believe video games cause crime but he couldn't come up with an alternative funding source.

So now it's acceptable to tax something completely arbitrary just because you can't come up with an appropriate source of funding for a bill you propose. Logic escapes him. Ok, well, if they can't base it on logic, how about basing it on one person's completely subjective unresearched opinion? I mean, that's rational, right?

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families spokesperson Wendy Henderson, however, says that a fee on video games would be appropriate because they're not the best use of teenagers' time, according to the New Richmond News.

Well, she seems to think they're not the best use of a teenager's time. Case closed. Fund it with video games! This should be unanimous!


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