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"Write Off, No Never Never Ever Ever"

I feel like I haven't posted in forever. But in reality, it's been, oh, four days? That's how tied to Livejournal I am. If I don't post one day, I feel kinda remiss. If I don't post all weekend, I feel really bad. But now it's Tuesday, and I still haven't posted. That's just plain "not a rock star." So here I am.

So, what's new? I haven't posted about my life in quite a while, really. Since the 18th, when I was bitchin' about Knology and being excited about Adventures of Lolo 2 coming out on the virtual console.

I did end up buying Adventures of Lolo 2 when it came out (though I haven't played it yet), as well as Ninja Gaiden 2: Sword of Chaos, and Kid Icarus (cause everyone needs to have that game). Megan watched me play the 2nd level for a little while the other day. It was fun to have someone watching me play. It was like being a kid again. She'd gasp when I'd land on the edge of a platform that was only one character-width wide. I played through the majority of the level at least 3 times, the last time dying with the final door in sight. It makes you start at the beginning of the level each time, which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have to play the level over and over again. But on the other hand, when you do finish one, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you completed the entire level in one try. That's how you hone the hand-eye coordination skills you need to be a good gamer. Not by saving right before a tough part, and just trying until you get lucky.

This weekend, Justin and Matt came out, and we watched the "Tsst" episode of South Park (10x07, probably my favorite episode of the last few seasons) and played Catan. Matt won, with Justin coming in a close second and Megan and I both being quite behind. Matt and I took turns playing some Ninja Gaiden 2, which is a damn harder game than I remember it being. I beat it as a kid, several times, while chewing bubble gum even, sitting on the floor, playing on an 11-inch TV. Matt also commented on our Christmas tree. Oh yeah, it's still up. It's not February quite yet! And we didn't buy it until I think the 22nd of December, so we had to get maximum usage. He also said something along the lines of "For being an atheist, you sure have a lot of Christmas decorations up." To which I say: we celebrate the Santa one, not the Jesus one.

There's more, but I've gotta work some, since I'm at work and all. Just needed to jump-start the ol' retrospection engine.

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