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Web Comics I Read

furikku posted some neat web comics this week that she enjoys, and so, in the interest of sharing web comics that I read and don't find stupid and asinine, I thought I'd share some web comics that I read and don't find stupid and asinine.

Questionable Content: Serial indie dramedy concerning college-aged indie kids that have relationships and talk about stuff.
BONUS: There is a talking "Anthro" PC and a talking iPod that show up.
WARNING: Lots of pretentious indie music references.
RECOMMENDATION: Browse through the archives and start at the comics after Jeph learned how to draw.

XKCD: 100% Nerdy comic.
WARNING: Depending on your Nerd Quotient, you might either
a) die of laughter,
b) not get it,
c) want to die because people who laugh at this stuff exist.

Cyanide and Happiness: Immature, stupid humor. Kinda hit or miss, but so purposefully badly drawn made that the occasional hit is that much more unexpected and hilarious.
WARNING: Language and crudely-drawn violence/sex may be NSFW on occasion.

Dinosaur Comics: Randomly entertaining and occasionally absolutely hilarious.
RECOMMENDATION: Check your logic at the door.

Minimalist Stick Figure Theatre: Comic by a computer-scientist who can't draw and wishes he could've stayed in college forever.
BONUS: No, I'm not secretly the author.
WARNING: This comic uses Comic Sans! But it's for irony, so it's ok.

Isotown: Less a comic and more an incremental building of an pixelated isometrically-drawn city where occasionally stuff happens. It hasn't been as good lately. The beginning ones are great, though.
RECOMMENDATION: Wait a few days and read them a few at a time. Not enough happens per update.

Falwell in Hell: The premise: when Jerry Falwell died, he went to Hell and met Nietzsche Winky. Hilarity ensues.
WARNING: Language may be NSFW on occasion. Even though it probably goes without saying, if you are a fundamentalist Christian, this comic pretty much will offend you.

Cectic: Funny, but sometimes cheesy, comic that pokes fun at religious believers, non-believers, and the frequent cliche conversations between the two.
WARNING: May contain high levels of nerdiness on occasion.


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Mar. 28th, 2008 08:03 pm (UTC)
I like the format here. Name (as a link), description, warning. Very helpful.

Oh, and I chose C. Mostly.
Mar. 28th, 2008 08:15 pm (UTC)

I definitely fall into Camp A. And I'm shameless about it.
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