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If You Live in AL...

The Free the Hops bill is in danger of being filibustered tomorrow. I took this explanation from someone's post on a message board (here) because he said it well. If you live in Alabama, please do whatever you can to help.
It looks likely that the FTH bill for this year will come up for a vote tomorrow in the Senate. As it has already passed the house, this will be the chance for passage this year. One potential obstacle remains. It is quite possible that my state senator, Hank Erwin, will obstruct the bill by filibuster and prevent the whole senate from voting on it. While it is certain that he would vote no, all we ask is that a straight up vote be taken, and the bill be passed or voted down on the merits, as seen by the whole senate. It does a disservice to the people of Alabama as a whole for one man to prevent the voice of the entire state's population, through its elected representatives, from being heard.

The thought is that Senator Erwin might be most amenable to listening to those he identifies with: Christians and military verterans. If you are either of those, and wish to contact him, please do so today at the contacts below. Please impress upon him your desire to see HB 196 come to a vote on the senate floor. Years of work by a dedicated group will come down to the events tomorrow. It would be a shame for one man to obstruct that.

Whether or not you are in Senator Erwin's district, you can contact him and urge him to allow a vote on HB 196, the Gourmet Beer Bill at:

State House:
Room 738-B
11 S. Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36130
(334) 242-7873

106-B South First Street
Alabaster, AL 35007
(205) 621-6681

123 Country Hills Road
Montevallo, AL 35115
(205) 620-0116
E-Mail: senatorerwin@aol.com

Again, if you are a devout Christian and/or a military veteran, please mention that, as he seems to most value input from those groups.


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