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Power Mac G4

I posted a while ago about an old Power Mac G4 that my Mom gave me when Randolph was trying to get rid of it. It's a "Sawtooth" 350MHz G4, 192MB PC100 RAM, 7GB HDD, and an ATI Rage128 16MB AGP graphics card (with DVI no less).

After taking it to the Apple store yesterday, figuring out that it wasn't broken after all, upgrading the RAM with some PC133 DIMMs I had lying around, connecting it to the network and upgrading the OS, I have a decent machine on my hands. I have a 128MB AGP card that I'm going to try to put in, as well as my old 80GB HD. I could upgrade the processor, but I'd have to look around on eBay, and I don't know how much higher I can really go with a 100MHz FSB anyway. So after the upgrades, I should have: 350MHz G4, 768MB PC133 RAM, 128MB AGP card, 80GB HDD. Not bad. Good enough for lightweight use.

Doing some research, it turns out this might be somewhat of a rare machine. They put out the first G4 models in October of 1999 with the same motherboard as the G3, and in December, they upgraded the boards to have an AGP slot (this is what I have). In February of 2000, they discontinued it, and it was superseded by the "Digital Audio" and "Quicksilver" G4s, which means they were only sold for about two months.


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