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I received an email today about a blood drive happening in our building this week when I noticed a glaring annoyance that reminded me of how I see it everywhere. Basically, it's when someone uses a bulleted list, but then adds something to the list that doesn't fit the original schema of the list. Here's the list.

Donation Criteria:

* Healthy donor over age 17.
* Weigh at least 110 pounds.
* Have not given in the past 56 days.
* One blood donation can save three lives!

Am I to understand that one of the criteria for donating blood is that you have blood that's potent enough to save three lives? Because I really don't know how one would go about obtaining that information.


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Jan. 7th, 2009 05:33 pm (UTC)
Not only that, but the first three are phrases and the last one is a sentence. They should be consistent, one or the other. To verb, or not to verb, that is the question.

Punctuation also bugs me. If it's not a sentence it shouldn't have a period. Maybe a semicolon, or a comma, but no punctuation is OK. But what bugs me most is when some bullets have periods and others don't.

I tend to sit in meetings and silently criticize the charts. Too many words. Sloppy inconsistent punctuation. It keeps me awake.

I like my bullets to flow from one to the next:

- this is first,
- this is second,
- this is third, and
- this is last.

Whether the second-last bullet has an "and" or an "or" makes a difference in the meaning. Do I have to satisfy all of these criteria, or just one of them?
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