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Health Update

Went to a walk-in clinic, as no doctors that were accepting new patients could see me for three weeks. I got a recommendation for Phoenix Emergency Care, off of Cecil Ashburn, so I went there at 4:15, when they said they had an opening. I got home at around 8.

Needless to say, there was a lot of waiting around. They swapped my throat and my nostrils (that one's new to me) and did a strep test. Then they swabbed my throat again to do a send-off strep test. Then they did a blood test for mononucleosis. The two in-house tests came back negative. When the doctor came to see me, she looked in my throat for about two seconds. I told her there was a spot on my right tonsil (and Megan could confirm this), but without a mirror, I couldn't seem to get my tongue in the right place quick enough for her to be able to see it. She said something like "They come and go" or something, except this one's been there for twelve days. There was a slightly whiter inflamed section behind the tonsil, but it kind of went away, so I didn't bother trying to get her to see that.

The nurse was rather curt, and the doctor didn't seem to listen to me well enough. She gave me an antibiotic and a pain-reliever, because that's all they can really do about a mystery infection. If you don't have the most common thing people are coming in for, those doc-in-a-boxes really aren't worth much for diagnoses.

But here is the really interesting thing. She looked in my ears, and when she looked in my left ear, she told me it looked like there was a perforation on my eardrum. She is setting me up an appointment with an ENT to have him take a look at it. I've been having a strange auditory sensation in that ear for around a year and a half, so if this is true, she may have found something I hadn't gotten around to getting checked out yet. That alone might've been worth the $25 co-pay.

The auditory sensation is a kind of static when I hear higher-pitched frequencies. I had chalked it up to hearing loss due to a gun that I fired around the time that it happened, but now I'm wondering if it's actually something more. And if it can be fixed somehow, I will be beyond happy. It annoyed me for months, but I finally got used to it. Being a musician, my hearing is probably more important to me than most (especially if I want to enjoy it into old age).


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