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TV, Music, Random Other Crap

Disappointing TV News

I'm sad to hear that NBC has canceled My Name Is Earl. In addition, ABC is not bringing back Samantha Who? after they initially claimed they were.

Fox's new animated show Sit Down, Shut Up got canned by put on hiatus by Fox after only 4 episodes (There were apparently 9 more unaired). Due to racy content, Fox decided to wait to air the rest until the summer, after which it may or may not be picked up again. I don't know why airing it in the summer will make it better, but ok, then. It's actually a pretty funny show, and has a stellar voice cast: Will Forte, Kenan Thompson, Kristen Chenowith, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Cheri Oteri, and Henry Winkler. That's a lot of talent for one series.

On the the good news front, Chuck is coming back in the fall! I'm very excited about that. Especially due to the development in the season finale.


Megs and I went to see Coldplay/Pete Yorn on Monday! It was a great show. I wished we had better seats, but it turned out fun nonetheless. They played a whopping 24 songs (Pete Yorn only got around 9), and only a couple that we wanted to hear but didn't. It was Viva-heavy, but I expected it to be. We missed the first opener, Howling Bells, due to forgetting how bad Birmingham traffic is when events are taking place. We got to go to Al's for like the fourth time in three weeks. I fucking love Al's.

Been listening to Barcelona this morning. Just as good as I remembered from the Mae show where they opened. Dreamy pop rock à la Remy Zero or mid-career U2, but a little less anthemic musically and a little more personal lyrically.

Random Other Crap

Donato's rocks. Had some for dinner, and brought some leftover for lunch today.

If you're into Twitter, our dog now have Twitter accounts (http://www.twitter.com/murrayboy http://www.twitter.com/missmaddiegirl). Yeah, it's awesome.

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