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PZ Meyers recently posted an amalgamation of advice fellow commenters have given noob commenters on his blog. I thought them funny:
  1. When you post, even if you intend to reply only to PZ or to one other comment on the thread, up to 200 people (or more) will read, and possibly respond to you. Keep this in mind.

  2. As this is a science blog, a greater proportion of the readers and commenters here well- educated, and, if not scientists, are reasonably well-versed in logic, observation, empiricism, debate, and rationality. As such, their responses will likely be pointed, eloquent, articulate, and highly opinionated.

  3. Any comments you make will be judged, and often judged harshly for grammar, intellectual consistency, knowledge of the subject addressed, and openness of tone. Get used it; this is the deep end, not a wading pool.

  4. Commenters who wish to make religious, spiritual, or other arguments are welcome to do so, provided they are willing to respond to the observations and criticisms of other posters, many of whom are experts in their fields. Commenters who argue without insulting other commenters personally or in whole, and who actually respond to counter-arguments will have a stimulating time.

  5. Commenters who begin their interaction on this blog with insults (you're a bunch of jerks), threats (you're all going to hell) or other poltroonery (atheists have no morals) will be responded to in kind by persons who generally have far more experience and education, and certainly a greater vocabulary in both insult and invective.

  6. People often say stuff on the Internets that they would never say to your face. You are strongly urged to get over it.

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