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Writer's Block: Holiday cheer

Do you tend to get nostalgic during the holidays? Depressed? Giddy? How do the winter holidays make you feel?

This time of year always seems to bring a blanket of cheerfulness with a couple holes of stress. The winter season being my favorite season plays a large role in my feelings about this time of year. I've always loved bundling up and running from one oasis to another. I even like being outside perpetually, provided I'm dressed for it. The comfort of heat in the car is akin to being under the covers at home. There's something inherently pleasant about it. Aside from the cold, getting together with family brings me happiness. It used to be seeing my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins on each side of the family that I looked forward to, but now it's my immediate family that I "visit" since I don't live with them anymore. And at home, I have a wife that fully embraces the decorative and magical aspects of the season (tree, stockings, wreaths, lights, candles, food, and other various household seasonal knick-knacks :P). We even have stockings for the dogs, which we usually fill with rawhide bones, canned food (a rare treat for them), etc.

The really stressful aspects of the season are few, as I don't have three kids to have to shop for like my parents did (do, actually; for some reason they still insist on buying things for us). Things get pretty busy, and making sure we have time to get everything done is tough: getting the tree early, but but for a decent price; getting it decorated; stringing the outside icicle lights (which I have failed to do this year unless I hurry); buying gifts; dropping off/mailing gifts; making it out to Galaxy of Lights; making it to any parties people have; etc.). And then there's the money aspects of the season. Between gift-giving and the charities that pick the worst time of year, financially, to ask for donations, it's hard to keep the bank account positive. But most of these things end up working out, and the good parts of the season overshadow them.

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